Selected Industry Talks and Conferences


  • VoiceXML an introduction for developers”,  Motorola Developers Conference London, 2002


  • “Mobile Games Development and Performance Graphics”,  Motorola Developers Conference, London 2003


  • “Device Fragmentation and Java”, Mobile Monday, London 2005


  • “Evaluating the contribution standards can make to successful launch of IM service”, Mobile Instant Messaging Conference, Amsterdam (2006)
  • “Mobile Security and the Advanced Trusted Environment”, Keynote address given to Trusted Computing Plenary, Paris 2006
  • “Assessing the Need and Success for Co-operation and Co-operative Alliances in Building Viable and Cost Effective Security Strategies” Informa Mobile Security, London (2006)


  • “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Exploring Application Security and Trust Issues”, Mobile Handset World, Prague (2007)
  • “Personalisation vs Customisation and the mobile user experience”, Mobile User Experience, London (2007)
  • “Establishing collaborative operator device specifications for IMS handsets“, IMS 2.0 World Forum, Monte Carlo (2007)
  • User Interface | Evaluating UIs and Browser Support of Mobile Web 2.0, Mobile Web 2.0 (2007)


  • “Is Mobile Web a Misnomer? Resolving Confusion to Promote Understanding and Build Better Business Relationships” Mobile Web USA  2.0 Panel, San Francisco  2008
  • “Mobile Web 2.0 – debating the definition” The Mobile Web 2.0 Summit, Berlin (2008)
  • “Is there Enough Coordination between the Various Standardization Bodies?” How Can Cooperation Improve? IMS 2.0 world forum 2008
  • “Mobile: is there an opportunity to enter into the value chain?” Mashup, London 2008
  • “Mobile Platforms: Too much choice or Hobson’s choice?”, Mobile Monday, London 2008.
  • “BONDI: adding security to the web experience” Austin Barcamp, Austin 2008.
  • “The OpenAjax Mobile Efforts on Mobile Device API’s”, OSIM Open Source in Mobile, Berlin 2008.
  • “How to enable mobile internet for the masses”, Surfkitchen roundtable, London 2008


  • “Mobile Web: the changing landscape”, Mobile Monday, London 2009.
  • “Efficient collaboration: standards vs open source; committees vs coding”, ForumOxford – Future Technologies Conference, Oxford 2009.
  • Cross Platform Development”, Mobile App Developer Garage, GSM World Congress, Barcelona 2009.
  • Apps in the Cloud”, Open Mobile Summit, San Francisco 2009.
  • “The industry impact of using the web as a secure application platform”, Next Generation Data Centric Devices, Networks, and Services, Venice, 2009
  • “The development of Operator strategies in relation to increasing mobile user engagement“, Mobile Web 2.0 Summit, London 2009.
  • “Are Mobile Operators at Risk of Being Sidelined by Other Players”. Content Delivery Networks in Open Access, Mobile Operator Smart Pipes and Applications, London 2009.
  • “Mobile Widgets and Mobile Applications”, MOMO Edinburgh, 2009.
  • “Exploring Application Security and Trust Issue”s, Handsets World, Berlin 2009
  • “Handsets Design Trends & Engineering”, Handsets World, Berlin 2009
  • “BONDI a developers introduction”. Over-the-Air, 2009.


  • Turn-It-On: Your Location”. MOMO Berlin 2010
  • “Mobile web development: why so many platforms? How to make a choice? ” OSIM WipJam. London 2010
  • “Horses for Courses”, Qualcom Round table,. London 2010
  • “Enabling Web Mobility on Handsets, What are the Challenges Ahead?”. Network Evolution LTE 2010.
  • “WAC Waikiki Developer Release – a developers introduction” Media Web Symposium. Berlin 2010
  • “Keynote:  Web Applications: technology and commercial ecosystem.” Media Web Symposium. Berlin 2011


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